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Average Draining time is 4 liters per 8 seconds. (The time will vary according to the
temperature of the oil and the size of the drain.)
Can Drain is perfect for cars, trucks, buses, construction machines, industrial machines, etc.
the factory installed plug
to Can Drain

Oil temperature 50℃
The average time for draining oil is 4 liters per 8 seconds.
(The time will vary according to the temperature of the oil and the size of the drain.)
The benefits of using Can Drain
(1) Connecting the flushing machine is easier and the oil drains more rapidly with Can Drain as there is no need to remove or reattach plugs before draining the oil.
(2) After the initial time, waste oil can be discharged into the tank with no need to touch high-temperature oil. It is gentle on the environment.
(3) There is no need for a large lift and a pit to drain oil from the bottom of the oil pan. When you attach Can Drain to your car, you can drain waste oil anywhere and anytime. It is just one touch!
(4) メAttracting regular customers means more engine oil will be sold. Cars installed with Can Drain need Can Drain socket. You can attract repeat customers.モ
Your shop can outperform other shops by installing Can Drain.
Furthermore, I recommend Can Drain to ant person who enjoys and
enthusiastic about working on his/her own car.
You can even drain the residual oil at the bottom of oil pan.
" Insert a tube into the guide plate on Can Drain. Then you can drain the sludge, grit, and residual oil, which are usually very difficult to drain, from the bottom of the oil pan."
Can Drain
An Oil Change System That Can Be Used with All Types of Equipment.
European American Patents Registered
Japanese Design Registered
PL Insurance Entered
If you do not have the equipment for vacuuming engine oil, Can Drain will do the job.
Can Drain can be used for any type of mechanical equipment, for example, trucks, busses, construction machines,
industrial, machines, etc.
You can drain the oil completely and easily just by plugging in the can socket.
● The speed at which the oil drains will vary according to the temperature of the oil..
Image of Can Drain
It takes only 4 minutes to drain 10 liters of oil. (Oil temperature at 50℃, using M18 size valve.)
If you already have equipment for vacuum draining, just change the tip of the oil changer and
attach the special hose connected to Can Drain.
The Oil Changer, Can Taro
Using compressed air, Can Taro draws out oil by force
simply by changing the tip of hose with one touch
Capacity: 25L Weight: 18kg
(1) For drawing out oil from the top
(2) For the car with a V-drain
(3) For the car with a Can Drain
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